My Racist Advice Animals

This is too internet, isn't it? Advice Animals, and not just the usually pedestrian sort that flutter between the sexist and depraved, but special ~racist~ Advice Animals that I may or may not have even written my self.

It seems like such a cop-out — and yes, I did consider titling these anon single panels as the content farm-esque "25 Racist Advice Animals" or "25 Racist Advice Animals I Have Thought Of At One Time Or The Other Without Commentary" — but you know, I thankfully held back on the link bait.

And I really wanted to go deep! To write! To share stories about those racist moments of mine! Like that time I was the small town girl on the school bus who'd avoid at all cost sitting next to the sweet South Asian girl — she was the first I believe, in 1993, to have lived on Highway 27 north of the 17th Sideroad — because I was so scared sitting next to someone that confirmed this "otherness" that I had yet to acknowledge.

Oh, and you know, I could tell you whole slew of 'em when I was constantly re-evaluating my "anti-oppression framework" in order to be "down" with the "priority" Eglinton West West kids I worked with during those after-school programs I'd coordinate at Maria A. Shchuka (Then again, that wasn't so much racism as it was about class and privilege.)

But at least by then I was walking the tragic mulatta tight rope where I avoided at all cost those seemingly-white tendencies of reacting far too incredulously to tales of violence, or talking in that impenetrable double arts-non-profit grant speak. ("I do community arts — wait, sorry, arts-based community development with youth of various ethnic backgrounds living in underserved and at-risk communities. Now do you want sign your kid up for our drop-in capoeira class this afternoon? We've got granola bars and drinking boxes too.")

You know what? I've already said to much. This has reached the tl;dr limit — and like I said before, I'd rather hide behind the blunt yet careless wisdom of these image macros.

HED: 25 Racist Advice Animals 25 Racist Advice Animals I Have Thought Of At One Time Or The Other Without Commentary