The Best Brazilian Wax in Toronto

By Denise Balkissoon


"A Brazilian wax isn't about how it looks," says Perla Porto, "It's about how it feels." It's also about laughing so hard you don't feel the pain, at least when it's Perla doing the depilation. A trip to her table is always hilarious, although sometimes in a gross way (I'll spare you the details but please, keep your parts clean, lest your esthetician gossip about you to random strangers). The Brazilian expat is so good at what she does that estheticians from other salons have come in undercover to creep her technique, only to confess their mission and end up loyal clients themselves.

For the Ethnic Aisle's Hair Issue, Perla shares her thoughts on Canadian attitudes to nudity and shyness, which are very, very different than what she grew up with in Brasilia, Brazil's capital city (admit it, you thought it was Rio). I personally vouch for her quick and relatively painless skills - if you're looking to get waxed, you can reach her at 416-903-8864.