How to Learn or Unlearn Any Accent, Guaranteed

By Denise Balkissoon

Something about YouTube How-To videos really cracks me up. Once I watched a 12-minute video on making a t-shirt into a tank top, which involved a really made-up blond American teenager paaiiiiinfully explain to me how to cut the sleeves off a t-shirt. It's kind of ballsy that people presents themselves as experts on any given topic that they're currently into, and cringe-inducing when they are so, so far from experts at...anything.

So, I thought I'd gather the Tube's best videos on learning or unlearning accents. Next, I'll make a How-To video on culling YouTube videos. Meta.

[youtube] Informative video from Mikey Bustos of Canadian Idol fame: "It's worth noting that the Pilipino language lacks 'he' and 'she' pronouns. That is why many Pilipinos get 'he' and 'she' mixed up - 'I like Ricky Martin, her music is berry good.'"

[youtube] YouTube girls seem to think Edwin Chang is hot. I think he should regret this three-year-old video on doing a Chinese accent: "What you gotta do is like go to local shops or whatever...over time by listening to the way they speak, you can sort of catch it."

[youtube] The first of 10 (!) instructional videos on how to speak with a Glasgow accent. See, this is the kind of thing that kills me - if I were inviting the whole world into my home, I'd personally put away my laundry.

[youtube] This tracksuit-wearing Greek accent instructor is way intense. Best comment: "way to talk about greek accent when you actually speak greek with an american accent...."

[youtube] Warm up exercises for accent reduction. Start off with a nice ho-hum to really open up the throat.

[youtube] Spazzed out GTA teens attempt to teach West Indian accents. "Allyuh? See allyuh deh?" Alas, their sound is almost as bad as their "badass" attitudes.

[youtube] Reverse racism! Tokyo boy speaks in "redneck." What is wrong with people? Technology sucks.