It'll always be Caribana to us!


Toronto's annual Caribbean festival underwent a major branding change this year, with the end result of the fray being a tacky corporate renaming of the long-running summer bash that originated in 1967! We like to keep it old school here at the Ethnic Aisle (shout out SkyDome, Paramount Theatre!) so check out our little acronymic ode to our favourite, local fete below.

But first, Trinidadian transplant Renee Sylvestre-Williams wonders if her refusal to attend this weekend's festivities--uh, every year--makes her a bad Trini.

Cops will jump up too; all you have to do is ask!

Arrive early to the parade, or you'll be wandering aimlessly down Lakeshore forever.

Royalty, West Indian-style is better than any fascinator Kate Middleton ties to her head. Watch the coronation of the carnival King and Queen tonight at Allan Lamport Stadium.

If you haven't planned your Caribana outfit yet, get thee to Costa Blanca for a surplus of "fun and stretchy," post-haste!

Beware Yonge Street on Caribana Friday.

American guys think they are at a premium up here, ladies and gays: do not entertain them.

Need libations along the parade route? Look for my friend Brad selling water, pop, and airplane bottles of booze if you ask nicely, out of his cooler.

After it's all over, let us know how it goes--we'll be at the cottage!